What spells to use to attract money

What spells to use to attract money

These spells will help you bring money to your home. You will need: various coins, a metal bucket, water, a green cloth.

On Tuesday morning, take the metal bucket as soon as you awake and fill it with cold water. Burning is best for running water, so it’s best to fill it with water from a river, but you can use water running from the kran0. Make sure all windows and doors are closed. Take a few different coins for as long as you have, and put them in a ready-made bucket of water.

Hold the fingers of both hands and dip along the bucket with the water to which you scored the coins. Think about how soon you will be rich. Your money will be coming soon. Then say 33 times: “How much are you in the river, in the spring, in the water. you all love and respect. Let me always have so much money. And on Monday and Tuesday, and on Wednesday, and on Thursday, and on Friday, and on Saturday and Sunday. “

Then take a green canvas (green symbolizes money, property) and drain it in the water you just talked to. Wipe windows and doors with a cloth. Then wipe the floor. However, start cleaning from the doorway and move towards the center of the room. This will even reach the outermost corners. If you do the opposite, you will not be able to move towards the threshold – this will not prevent you from leaving your home.

The spells are over. Arrange and wait until you get rich.


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