Successful business spells

Successful business spells

Do you have a business that does not work? Want to start your own business? These spells will help you build a successful business or entice your success.

On Thursday, set two blue altar candles just before fullness, imagining your business and everything you need. Think about what you want to achieve. Have a vision of how your business should look at how much money you should earn. In an olive burner, burn three drops of basil essential oil and add three incense in a flask to remove everything that is negative.

When thinking about business, put five green candles if you work in your company for five days a week, six for six days a week, and so on. Burn candles every morning for thirty minutes seven in the east and watch how your business is flourishing. If you do not have a business and you just want to create it, then burn how many candles do you imagine that you will work in your new job.

Spells can be duplicated if things slow down or if you feel you need to push again.


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