Spells to reduce stress

Spells to reduce stress

If you feel constant tension, it’s anxiety – these spells will help you get rid of it. If you are struggling with stress at work, you’re constantly worried about everything – the spells described below are just for you.

Put two white candles on any day of the week. Apply one drop of aromatic cananga and two drops of lavender essential oil to the oil burner. Relax for a few seconds and feel the peace of mind.

Then put two blue candles, which will bring peace and tranquility, and put amethyst among them. Soon you will feel the soothing energy of this crystal.

Still feeling the peace and tranquility you need, lay an orange candle and see how its color spreads around you and helps you to defeat. When you’re done, sit back, relax and imagine how tension leaves you and comes back from where it came from. Allow the candles to burn completely. You can perform this burst ritual whenever you need it.


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