Spells to help lure money

Spells to help lure money

These spells can help you lure money into your home. Try to concentrate as much as possible while doing the ritual. The spells belong to the white magic, so if you do, you will not hurt yourself or others.

On Thursday afternoon, set two blue candles on the altar and place two bundles of fresh basil next to each one. Around each basil bunch, sprinkle poppy seeds and imagine how the money goes through the outside door in any form or shape.

Then, always imagining the money, put your astral candle in the middle of the altar. Put two green candles on both sides of your astral candle and say, “O, Providence, hear me, I cry out to you. During these candles I tell you that I need money. Find them here or there, I do not care where, just send me to them so I can meet the need for your money. “

It should take fifteen minutes, then quench the candles. Repeat the letter for five consecutive days, and by doing this, push the green candles every day closer to your astral candle, so that on the fifth day all three candles are close enough to help you get the right money.


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