Spells to bring success

Spells to bring success

Do you feel that success has turned away from you? Not living in life? These spells are intended to bring success.

On Sunday, put two yellow candles on the altar, and even add three drops of a fragrant beetle (obtained by distilling crushed vetiver roots with water vapor) into essential oil in an oil burner, and put it on it. Sprinkle the crumpled muscat nut on the altar (the place where the spells are made) and imagine how luck comes to your life.

Then put a black candle and observe how all your failure disappears in the fire. Apply two green candles to help you to improve and not lose hope and see how your success changes for the better. Stand up and imagine what you need.

Then raise your hands high and say, “Your success returns to my life and I can change it. I am an open mind, I analyze and appreciate, I am worthy of all my goals. I do not want to bad for others, but I want my life to be followed and the bad success I have neglected . “

Deactivate the candles after ten minutes. Repeat this ritual every evening for three days in a row. When the spells start up, you will feel like a success and revisit you.


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