Spells inviting fast money

Spells inviting fast money

If you need money to buy a new one, these spells will work for you. This magic ritual will help to attract fast money.

You will need: the green one with a needle, a blue paper, a blue pen, four yellow candles, a green fetter (thin dense felt), ten mint leaves (whole grain), four different coins.

Make a basket of fetuses and put mint leaves. Write down the amount you want to receive on the blue paper. It would be good if that amount is not very high. It is best to write up to 200 euro. Place the mint carton, the sheet of paper, the amount, candles, and coins on the table. Imagine having a square on the table. Place them at the corners of the plane under a candle and a coin. Place a sheet of paper in the middle with the amount you wrote and place a mint basket on it.

Put on the candles and say this word: “Money lord, I pray you to supplement my wallet. I promise to be in the future for every coin you receive. I promise I will sacrifice all my efforts. I ask you if this money will reach me as soon as possible. ” Say the word three times.

Then stand and circle around the table. Go clockwise. then sit back and focus your shopping cart. Think about money. think of where they can come from. You might win a lottery, you might find on the street, and maybe who will return the debt.

Stand, clap the candles. Script ritual is complete. Now it’s time to wait for you to get the money you ask for.



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