Very original ideas for making money

Very original ideas for making money

Lease of friends

We have all grown up with somebody’s friends, but few have come to their head to make money.

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, today we are living in a completely new era where friendship can be earned, and not bad enough.

In the United States, it’s enough to contact, set hours for which you are ready to be friends and wait for someone to be interested.

Registration on the site is free, and you can earn $ 50 per hour. You can, for example, sponsor a trip to the cinema, take part in weddings for your former love, play tennis, dine in the restaurant, and so on.

The idea to create such a website was shaken by Scott Rozenbaum after visiting dating sites. He drew attention to the fact that none of these service providers offered simply friendship and decided to fill this gap. S. Rozenbaum notes that his services are specialized exclusively in Platonic relations.

Paparaci rentals

Paparazzi “hunt” not only celebrities. Now you can rent your own paparazzi , which follows your footsteps all day long.

That’s what makes the site – it makes it possible for any person to feel like a star, let it be just one day. Sometimes paparazis are hired to enjoy or jolt a joke to friends.

Advertising on the face

Two students have come up with an original way of earning money for science (which costs € 50,000 each), doing nothing special at the same time. They make their own ads on the face, then they filmed in fun video or take pictures with ridiculous make-ups, according to the wishes of the client.

Sometimes they have to jump with parachute or cut into ice water. For the first ad, guys got one euro. But in the next ten days they earned 3500 euros, and since then they have not gone to work for a single day.

The market for women

The “Success Student” online service offers its services to those who have any difficulty in learning and those who are attracted by something.

If you consider yourself an expert on a particular topic, then you can go to the website and select the one that you can explain in detail from the list of questions. 20 percent Your answer will be available on the site itself, so that the person who asked the question could decide whether it is worth the money.

For many “newspapers” they succeed in selling their knowledge for decent amounts, sometimes they are capable of earning even a few thousand dollars.

Butterfly supplier

How does it sound odd, but making millions can be even from butterflies. The man who managed to do this is Jose Munis, and the business created a losing dispute.

Mr Muniz’s friend suggested he negotiate for a hundred dollars, believing that he would not be able to make a living by selling butterflies. It’s been seven years since then. A former business consultant and his wife lead a thriving butterfly delivery company. Already in 2006, the company’s revenue exceeded a million dollars.

Virtual real estate sales

Anshe Chung, the real character of the Chinese-born teacher, German-born Ailin Graef, has become the world’s first millionth real-world real-world player who has earned his assets in the virtual world.

How did she succeed? She bought, upgraded and sold virtual real estate. At the very beginning, she invested $ 9.95 in her bizarre business, began to buy virtual parcels, “build” their buildings and “landscaping” the gardens, and then sell the real estate. Currently A. Graef earns 150,000 from his business. dollars per year.

Socks business

One Swiss entrepreneur was struck by the brilliant idea: to set up a company that would offer a sock “subscriber”. It turned out that there are not so few who have the tendency to go to the shops. For a year, his store services cost $ 89 for 9 pairs of socks.

Each new customer receives estimates of how much time he will save by dropping socks: almost 12 hours annually, or three weeks of his life, measured by the average life expectancy of the 2005 Swiss man, which was 82 years.

BlackSocks started its activities in 2005, and after a couple of years it began to offer lingerie. Now BlackSocks is using 60,000. subscribers in 74 countries of the world.



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