Natural Ideas To Make Money

Natural Ideas To Make Money

Raising Chickens – If your municipality allows it, you can make money selling eggs from your chickens, the chicken meat, baby chicks, and manure. Be sure to check your local health codes before you start. 

Raising Goats – Again, if you can, goats can provide income from milk, cheese, kids, goat meat, and manure. One of the students where I work at the local agricultural college is making goat’s milk ice cream and selling it to his friends. 

Making Soap and Related Products – You can make good money making and selling soap, as well as hand cream ,bath crystals, insect repellent, and more. You can easily sell these products online too. People are always looking for natural body care products.

Growing Herbs – I grow my own herbs naturally, and then sell the plant starts, dried herbs, and herbal products. No chemicals here!

Grow Vegetables – Grow some organic vegetables and set up a road side stand. You’ll have the locals flocking in.

Plant a Fruit Orchard – Fruit takes a bit longer than veggies and is more labor intensive. But, if you have the space, you can set up an organic pick-your-own fruit orchard. I drive 50 miles out of my way to go to a pick-your-own apple orchard that I like.

Sell Gemstones, Rocks, or Fossils – Have a love of geology? Cash in on your rock collection. You can have a sale like a yard sale or take them to local markets.

Massage – You do need a license in some areas, but massage can be very lucrative as a natural business.

Knitting or Crocheting – One of the markets I go to has a woman who crochets soap scrap bags, a perfect compliment to my soaps. Another has a team of knitters who make jar koozies, those things that go over a pint jar and look like socks. They sell like crazy!

Keep Bees – If you can have them, bees can provide you with honey, wax, propolis, and even education into the bee world. We have several people nearby who profit from this. 

Kids Projects – Organize some cool kids projects, like making natural clay dough, and charge a nominal fee.

Landscaping and Tree Service – Several people in my area offer natural landscaping services for those looking to improve their lawn and landscape without chemicals.

Telecommuting – While the actual job may not be natural, saving money on gas and other things can be.

Consulting – Again, this can be naturally-based or not, but can be operated from your home saving gas, time, and money.

Babysitting/Daycare/Eldercare – You can open your home to toddlers or the elderly and do it all naturally. Check on building codes, licensing, and such before you start.

Dog Walking/Pet Care – How much gas does it take to walk a dog? None! Save the planet and make money at the same time. Offer pet care services using natural products.

Sewing – Do you know how to sew? You can make money from mending, making custom bags or skirts, or make what you want and sell it online.

Baking/Cooking – If you have access to a certified kitchen, you can do baking or cooking for people who can’t do their own or don’t have the time. One small business I know of, Red Radish in Black Mountain, NC, does just that. They make meals for busy people and have expanded into catering, which could be another income maker.

Writing – There are many companies out there that pay people to write.

Organizing – What I wouldn’t give to have someone organize my home for me!

Wedding Planning – Brides-to-be pay a fortune for wedding planners. Advertise as natural or herbal and you’ll have a unique position.

Web Designer – In the beginning, I paid for someone to design my website (and probably still should). I do my own now, but I know that if I paid someone, it would be updated more often and would probably look more professional.



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