How To Make Money On The Internet

How To Make Money On The Internet

The first way is “Create a website and sell ads”

This is a sure way, but you will not feel the effectiveness of it, and only if your web page is bad, it’s going to be popular, and it will have good traffic. It’s all the wisdom that the advertiser is not foolish and he will not post an advertisement on a website that has no benefit. 
There are three ways of development. 

1. Make a web site bad for a wide audience. 
This can be a website for jokes, or pictures for mobile phones, or games, just about news on a wide variety of topics.
Such a website includes a surface audience and nothing specific, it will not have a target audience. These are such portals as all in one. Such web pages, blogs, portals are visited by housewives, etc. Advertising on such websites contains websites that want to run an aggressive mass advertising company. 
2. Make a targeted website.
The website is being developed for a specific topic. For example, you are developing an online network with a bad “SAMSUNG repair of washing machines” Now it becomes clear that the visitors of this page will be only those who are interested in repairing washing machines, and even more precisely SAMSUNG. The audience will be small but targeted. In this way, you will be advertised by washing machine vendors, and they will link to websites such as: powdered powder suppliers, manufacturers, water filter sellers, etc. In this way, the advertiser gets better guarantees to buy his services than he advertises on the 1 website mentioned.

The second way is “Creating an Online Website and Selling Services”

Create an online website with 3 to 4 pages of Dreamweaver, or add WordPress or Drupal and provide ONLINE services. 
You can sell cell phone ringtones, change virtual money, write out chartered articles, provide programming services, etc. 
Plus such a web site – you are independent of advertising, all you need is the target audience. 
Such a web site has a minuscule – To unpack such a website, you need money, and constantly keep in mind advertising to complement the ranks of customers (customers). With time it will be easier to work, there will be regular customers, the web page itself will gradually get the look. The most important thing is to automate everything as far as possible and keep yourself seamless.

The third way is “Sell yourself”

This is the most difficult of all listed, but in the perspective it is the most profitable. From a technical point of view, this is very simple. You are doing a webpage that is bad on paid hosting with your own domain (preferably on level 2) and you’re starting to write articles. 
At the same time, you participate in seminars, conferences, writing books and articles and mentioning your website everywhere. A web page is a place where you can contact you at any time, at any time, find out about your services. 
This is really a difficult way.




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