How to earn money when I have a lot of free time?

How to earn money when I have a lot of free time?

Search engine evaluator

Evaluate and improve search engine results for some of the world’s largest Internet search engine companies. Basically, you Google (or use another search engine) to look for specific topics, keywords, and images. You then review and rate the results.
Pay range: $13+ an hour
Where to look: 


Give your opinions of websites

Web site owners often wonder what visitors think when they experience their site for the first time. “As a site tester, you’ll provide candid feedback via video and audio recording of your gut reaction as you visit sites seeking feedback,” says Durst.

Pay: About $10 per completed site review 
Where to look: and

Answer questions online

As a home-based question answerer, you’ll help people get answers to questions on the go. Here’s how it works: The person looking for an answer simply texts the question to one of these companies and home-based researchers find an answer and text it back for a small fee (questioner usually pays about .99 cents).
Pay: About .10 to .20 cents per question answered. “Fast agents have reported making up to $9/hour,” says Durst.
Where to look:

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