How Homemakers To Earn Money

How Homemakers To Earn Money

Baby-sit. There are many moms out there who, by choice or by situation, work outside the home full-time. Many of them prefer one person to care for their child for stability, trust and famililarity reasons. A homemaker with small children is also ideal so their child has playmates! It’s a great way to make some extra income without leaving your home or kids.

Become a tutor. If you know a child struggling in school, offer tutoring servies to the family in an area of academics you are great in. You could offer to pick up the child from school and tutor them at your home until the parents get off work. Parents may go for this for many reasons — their child is getting extra educational help and have adult supervision from someone they trust.

Teach! Are you skilled at the piano, sewing, knitting, cooking, baking, decorating cakes or art? You can offer classes or private lessons at your home. In the past I would only teach piano and voice during my children’s naptimes because there was no one else to step in and watch them for a few hours. If your kids are on a naptime routine or schedule, this can be done. But, I was giving up that free leisure time of mine to invest in earning income. Try it just a few days a week, and if you are able to, you can always increase it to 4 times per week later.

Learn to Skype and Facetime. Did you know that some kids are now taking private lessons via Skype or Facetime? This makes it easier for you to teach them lessons in the evening after your kids have gone to bed. Or you could plan a quiet activity for the kids while you taught a student via webcam. I still prefer in-person lessons, but it’s still possible to have profitable lessons via webcam. In fact, it would enable you to teach kids outside your city or state…or even other moms that wanted to learn a certain skill that you have mastered. Think of your talents, and use them to earn income!

Start writing. Do you love to read magazines and books about parenting, marriage and pregnancy? Do you love to spend hours chatting with your friends about “all things mom” related? Then you may be a good fit for a parenting writer. I started over two years ago writing for online parenting and frugal living websites. I wrote up a resume, wrote several sample articles and scoured the web for websites that were looking or hiring writers. It took some research and time to find the right fit, but in a few weeks I had a job that lasted for one year. Then, I was able to build my own website and quit writing for other people and write for myself. Want to get started? During some quiet time today, just start writing about something that inspires you in parenting. Save it, review it, tweak it and then share it with someone. If you want more ideas about how to land a writing job, email me at the contact address on this site. I will be happy to help you out!

Look around your home. When things got super-tight financially at our house I would look around and find objects I didn’t necessarily need, but would sell at a reasonable price. Home decor, baby equipment, gently used clothing — anything that you don’t absolutely love or need can be considered perfect for selling. You can sell on Facebook, Craigslist or reach out to a resell or consignment store near you.

Buy and re-sale. See something super-cheap on ebay, Amazon, a thrift store or a yard sale? Buy it, then re-sell it. YOu can easily build up your own online re-sell shop!

Offer hair-cutting services. This is a perfect opportunity for a mom who has some experience in the hair and beauty world. I have know several moms who turned a small area in their house to a mini-salon. They offered haircuts and styling at a discounted price — without leave their comfy home!

Offer your laundry skills. As silly as it sounds, some people would jump at the opportunity to have someone wash, fold and iron their laundry who charges less than commercial cleaners. To get people interested, offer a free wash and fold so they can see how awesome you are at getting the laundry just perfect! After you reach out to family and friends, branch out to others — like neighbors, Make a simple and cheap business card to help people have your information at their fingertips!

Offer to clean homes. Having a trusted friend come in and clean your home is a stress reliever. Many busy parents would love this oportunity, and would probably love having the chance to invest in helping out another firend financially. If you do go this route, make sure you give it your best. Learn all the best cleaning tips before working on someone else’s house, and always be professional about it — on time, efficient and dependable.




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