Tips and Tricks of how to cheat in casino WORLDWIDE

Tips and Tricks of how to cheat in casino WORLDWIDE

While tricking the casino through today’s technology is quite complicated, trying to do it is still there. There are those who succeeded. Fans of icing casinos try and using old routine techniques and computer equipment.

Fraudsters often use cameras / cnbc

Fraudsters often use cameras / cnbc

“Fraudulent houses in the world are suffering tens of millions of losses every year,” said George Joseph, an expert on casino fraud issues at the CNBC News Agency, and listed the most popular ways in which fraudsters are trying to cheat the casino today. 

1. Fraudulent Crushing.
This fraud requires the cooperation of casino crust. Kruppe seems to have shuffled the card slider before starting the game, but in fact, secretly, some cards leave in the same places. The player who participates in the afternoon must continue to take note of those uncombed cards and take advantage of the privilege. 

2. Hidden video camera
For this purpose, a scammer in his shirt sleeve must have a hidden small video camera. When the player moves the card pile, the croupier is forced to move the cards moved, giving them a little extra. A tiny camera takes a picture of the cards. The scam partner see it, analyze it and pass it through the headset to the gamer. The latter already knows the proper rank of the cards. The most common way is to cheat when gambling Baccarat, but it can also be used in Blackjack gaming.

3. Trying to view the cards
This is a common scam in the Blaskjack game, or in the 3-card and Texas Hold’em poker. The trick is trying to see what cards the rosé splits by moving his hands until the cards are open. This way is at the crime threshold. If the player is able to see the overpopulated cards, they may try to take advantage of their advantage, but if the card is trying to see through the mirror or video camera, it will be prosecuted.

4. Card swap using a special device
This trick requires hands- on sensitivity . This trick came to the casino from the Illusionist World. What a gamer does, hides a special gadget in his sleeve, by which he hides or pulls out and helps with the required card. It is obvious that a lot of training is required to complete such a trick. 

5. Card counting
Players using different card calculation methods are considered to be superior players, exploiting their advantage, the latter gain more than scammers. 
“If they are able to quit how much higher cards have fallen, how many lower cards have been left – that is acceptable, but if anyone uses computer equipment to count the cards, it’s already illegal,” said the expert on fraud.

6. Card Marking The card is
being tested in many ways: which is reflected in infrared light, is attempted to imprint chips, try to scratch the stains, attempt to bend the corners of the cards. In any case, you still need to be able to use those marked cards. By the way, the card is also tested during the game, the ways are found and how to do it before the game. 

7. Replacement of slot machine programs
As gaming machines become more sophisticated, the methods used to try and deceive are also more complicated. In the old machines, the scamper had a threaded thread attached to the coin, and then thrown it into the machine so the coin would not drop completely. 
In the present times, the scamman is able to cheat the card reader in the gaming machine, requiring the connection of a small computer device. After changing the work of the scanner, the gaming machine can be set so that when the card is inserted, which account will be 1 dollar, the gaming machine will screw the card with a $ 100 bill. 
Now, such cases of fraud are rare, because the casino has grabbed and changed the slot machine programs, but unmodified gaming machines can be such a scam.

Chips and cards / Virtualegneshop are also exchanged

Chips and cards / Virtualegneshop are also exchanged

8. Swirling and Sliding Dice
Instead of playing Craps as usual in dice, deceivers attempt to release dice on the table so they slip without changing the number. This is a pre-attempt to maintain the selected number of dice. 
To avoid paying attention, try to drop only one dice on the table, while others are rolled up normally. As the technique progresses, one learns to throw rotating dice, but so that the chosen number does not change. 

9. Late bets
Late bets are one of the oldest and still happening deception casinos. This is a very simple trick when playing roulette. Fraudsters just urgently build their chips on a number that has already fallen in roulette. Specifically, rushing to place higher-value tokens based on already existing lower-value tokens. By consensus, one associate directs the attention of the groom, and the other player – the accomplice, already seeing which number is happy, rushing to put up higher-value tokens. 

10. Chips exchanges
This requires 2 players, one of them purchasing the corresponding color chip roulette, which is worth $ 1 and a part of them hiding in his pocket. They then pass them on to the general one who plays at the next table. The latter is already buying the same color on the table, but for a larger one, say $ 25 worth. This increases the value of chips in his pocket. A little bit of a strike to avoid causing suspicion and rushing to clear the chips. 
Lately, this scam is the biggest headache in the gambling house. Chip Chip – The Most Widespread Fraud.



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