How to win in lottery – 100% Success rate!

How to win in lottery – 100% Success rate!

There are plenty of tips on how to win a lottery. But otherwise, when Richard Lusting shares these tips, he has won the biggest prizes in lotteries 7 times and so “sweeps” over a million dollars. 
You will hardly find someone who never dreamed of winning the lottery – buying a home, traveling, helping family and relatives, realizing all your dreams and fantasies. 
Most of us will never smile at such a success, but some happy millions just fall from heaven. 
One of them is Richard Lusting, a resident of Florida, who has won seven times in lotteries and shared his experience in the book “How to increase your chances of winning a lottery.”
Ron Lusting said that he started playing the lottery, because, like everyone else, he dreamed of earning a lot of money. Like all, he bought lottery tickets from gaming terminals without any method, without any method, and, like everyone else, did not get anything wrong. L.Lusting has once realized that there should be a way to win the lottery. Every time someone succeeded, he wrote down. Today, R.Lusting is convinced that he has found a “formula for success” and this has helped him win more than a million dollars.

The first big prize of 10 thousand. R.Lusting won the lot in 1992 for the dollar. At that time, it was not the most successful stage in his life: water was sprayed through the roof of the house, and the birth of the son was not covered by the hospital bill. So the winning money was immediately used. 
Over the next few years, he has won many prizes in lotteries for several occasions. R.Lusting, like other people around, thought that it was simply a success. So far, after the 5th winner, he realized that it was something more than a success. This was his biggest achievement – 842 thousand. dollars Then, he and his people came up with questions about R.Lusting how he succeeded and what his secret of success was.
R.Lusting does not hide, his 5 main tips, in some cases, go away with mathematical logic, but if that helps to convey, what’s the difference? 


In order to increase his chance to win the lottery, first of all, R.Lustingas advises not to buy lotteries in ticket terminals, where the computer selects random numbers. Even if every number seems to be happy, some numbers are happier, says R.Lusting. According to him, if you buy a ticket with a randomly selected number sequence, your chances of winning are decreasing.


Forget your birthdays. By choosing combinations of numbers related to your own or your next birthday, you reduce your chances of winning even more because you use less than half the number – after all, you have only 31 days in a month. In addition, R.Lusting observes that using birthday combinations, in the event of a win, you would be forced to share a pot of gold with 20 to 40 people. And with more numbers, the golden pot would have to be divided into two or three parts. 


Do not turn off the number. If you already feel that these numbers are happy for you, choose them, “says R.Lusting. Choose the same numbers but different combinations. Remember not numbers, and combinations of numbers win prizes. 


Be a regular player. Do not forget a single copy. This in itself increases your chances of winning.


Observe the budget. Consider the possibilities, but know the limits, – warns R.Lusting. If you play with 100 lottery tickets, your chances of winning will be higher than playing with 10 tickets, but only buy as much as it is unfortunate to miss. It’s not the same as investing in the stock market, although there are losses and gains here and there. The budget is very important, do not give in to the lottery vigor. Never lose food or livelihoods. 
The question of whether it is worth playing in lotteries, many financial experts will respond negatively. Negative answers to mathematics. However, despite the likelihood of a theory that there is more chance of being hit by lightning than winning a million in the lottery, many people buy tickets, write their own numbers of combinations, and … wins



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