Gambling strategy

Gambling strategy

The three-tier system is a methodology for playing slot machines, in which one to three chips are stacked over a period of time. This system is very similar to that of idle spins . 

– Three chips are stacked, ten turns rotated; In fact, the three-tier system is an improved version of the idle spin . The same principle applies to you – to stop the game or reduce the size of the bet if several turns in a row are lost. For example, the game is divided into three stages and is played according to the following scheme:

– two chips are stacked, ten rotations are made; 
– one token is stacked, ten rotations are made.

The number of revolutions may be any or the most consistent with the available gambling budget. Before playing, it is also necessary to determine how many unsuccessful turns should occur to switch to another gaming machine. For example, there are six unsuccessful spins.

This means that three chips are stacked and rotated ten times, but if you fail six times in a row, the bet size is reduced and a new series of spins is started. That is, two tokens are placed and rotated ten times again. The same principle applies at this stage. Six failures sequentially building one token mean that it’s time to switch to the next gaming machine.

The number of turns in each stage, including the size of the bet and the number of unsuccessful turns, will depend on the player’s budget and time. This technique is best suited for those who want to maintain an average game speed and quickly miss all available resources.


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